Wick Snuffer

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A Candle Wick Snuffer is the perfect accessory to enhance your candle experience and ensure a clean, smoke-free extinguishing every time.

Designed with both functionality and elegance in mind, our candle wick snuffer offers a convenient and stylish way to put out your candles without any mess or fuss.


  • Effortless Extinguishing: Our candle wick snuffer makes extinguishing your candles a breeze. Simply position the bell-shaped end over the flame and gently lower it down to suffocate the wick, effectively and efficiently snuffing out the candle without any smoke or splattering wax.
  • Smoke-Free Experience: Say goodbye to unpleasant smoke-filled rooms! Our wick snuffer prevents the emission of smoke that occurs when you blow out a candle, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Versatile and Safe: Our wick snuffer is suitable for use with various candle sizes and shapes, including jar candles, pillar candles, and even tea-lights. The elongated handle keeps your hand at a safe distance from the flame, minimizing the risk of accidental burns.
  • Convenient and Mess-Free: No more dealing with hot wax splatters or struggling to find a safe place to blow out your candles. With our snuffer, you can effortlessly extinguish your candles with precision, leaving no mess behind.